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Price is only the perception!

When a share market collapses and we hear that investors lost lakh and crores of rupees, where do the lost lakhs and crores of rupees go? Who is the actual beneficiary?

Firstly, let us understand something fundamental.


‘Price’ of anything is actually more of a perception. Yes, you read it right, ‘Price’ of a commodity is influenced by how it is perceived by the interested people.


Let me explain this with these four cases,

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Intraday 1st 15min Range Breakout Strategy

This is one of the most basic strategy used for intraday.  Before applying this strategy make sure that you trade only in good liquid stock and don’t forget to use Sto ploss. So here are the steps –

👉 Select any stock on intraday chart with 15 mins candle


👉 Note High & Lows of first candle i.e 9.15 am to 9.30 am range


👉 Draw channel as seen in chart with taking high & lows of first candle.


👉 Buy when stock cross above high of channel with stop loss as channel range low

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स्टॉक मार्केट में निवेश की शुरुआत कैसे की जाए

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Oil Producing companies vs Oil Marketing companies

Companies like HPCL, BPCL, IOCL etc. comes under downstream sector of oil and gas industry while ONGC, OIL etc. comes under upstream sector.


Now let’s understand what’s the difference between upstream and downstream sector of oil and gas industry.


The oil and gas industry is usually divided into three major sectors: upstream, midstream and downstream.

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Conversation between an Investor and his Investment Advisor


Investor: What happening in market?


Advisor: Market is always good, in long-term


Investor: That is fine, but our portfolio is down more than 20% in last 10 months, whereas Sensex is going up.


Advisor: Hardly 6-7 companies out of 30 in Sensex are rising because of which it is going up. Broadly, the markets are down.


Investor: Why don’t we have those companies in our portfolio?


Advisor: Because they are Bluechip companies which are not expected to give good returns in the long run, as these companies are almost saturated. Exceptions can be there, but they are rare.


Investor: But as an Advisor, you should have known that these stocks would go up and we could have invested in them.

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Has the market bottomed out?

Previous month of September, Indian share market saw a crash. Especially midcap and small cap cracked the most. And only few companies are somehow holding the large cap Index. A lot of people asked me if market has bottomed out. In reality no one can predict market bottom. So I asked the same question to Big players of the market(both traders as well as investors). After talking to them (big brokers, HNIs, Portfolio Managers) following are my key takeaways:

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Hard truth of Intraday trading

Intraday trading is very fascinating. Mostly to those who are new to share market. Below I am mentioning stages which every trader goes through before becoming a successful Intraday trader.

  1. You will make more losses for some time.
  2. You will get frustrated and will decide to quit.
  3. You will read some books on trading.
  4. You will invent or follow a strategy.
  5. You will have perfected your entry, but still will be working on your exit.
  6. You perfect your exit.
  7. You are happy with profits and book them.
  8. You will earn good profits while minimizing losses.

Many retail traders are stuck in points 1–3 for a long time, and then will not be able to approach point 4. This was me some years back.

Intraday trading is for those people who are free when they sit down to trade in front of the computer with no distractions. If you are blindly going to follow some tips or recommendation, without a trading system, you are guaranteed to fail.

I’m not discouraging you. But this is the fact.

But, if you somehow manage to go beyond step 4 successfully, you will end monthly in profits for sure. Don’t be afraid of losses, be afraid of not committing to win. It is most definitely possible to end every month in profits, if you go beyond step 3!

I personally started intraday with around 20000 and to be very true I was motivated by traders and their profit snaps posted on different social media platforms. I too decide to enter with the intention to double my money in just a few trades like most of the new traders.

By end of 1st month of my Intraday trading, Reality struck. I lost all my intraday capital in just one month and in greed sold my few golden shares from holdings to get some cash for next round but this time I decided to trade on experts call. But again no luck as ended up again in loss.

But the only thing that kept me motivated and moving was that – If my entry was wrong if I made a loss then on the other side someone was correct and made a profit.

I decided to learn and learn till I am able to predict 6 movements correct out of 10. I only did paper trading for at least 8 months and just observe the scrip reaction at a specific level and price.

Next thing I do was to hold shares for around 30 days and gradually decrease my time frame for holding this really helped me to understand the price behavior. And finally restarted intraday trading with just 5 to 10 quantity and observe the result and my mistakes to improve myself.

This is my story of intraday trading. The reason why I am sharing my story here is because I don’t want anyone to lose their hard earned money. I have gone through this and don’t want others to bear this pain.

I request you all to please learn before entering in share market because it’s not that easy as it seems, else everyone will become a trader and no one will be interested in 9 to 5 job. It’s difficult but not impossible task. Trade wisely!

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