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EquityWays offers a wide variety of courses which help the students to gain complete knowledge about stock market. One can take up classes if they plan to invest in, gain better knowledge of the market or if they plan to build a career in stock market. We offer a curriculum which is full of everything that you need to learn about the various aspects of market. After gaining knowledge one can either grab career opportunities in stock market companies or invest your own funds. Anyone can enroll for our courses and gain basic to professional level knowledge of stock markets as per their requirement’s.

Presently we are offering following courses –

Fundamental analysis (Course designed for long term investors)


This course is best for long term investors and those who are NEW to share market and don’t have much previous market experience. This is the foundation course on share market. Best for those who don’t have much time for tracking the market on daily basis and want to earn huge passive income from market.


Technical analysis (Course designed for short term traders)


This course is beneficial for those who want to learn short term/intraday trading. Best suited for those who can track the market daily and want to earn on daily basis.

A successful professional trader gives prime importance to discipline, psychology and technical aspect of trading. And we believe in these and designed this curriculum based on these three important factors.


Option Trader (Course for experienced traders who want to learn Options trading)


This course is designed for those who have previous experience of trading/investing in market and want to learn Option trading. Options traders are those who make huge money from very small investment, but risks associated with option trading is also high.

Options traders had witnessed mammoth 11000 percent returns in a single day and there are numerous occasions when option trader makes multi fold returns in very small time.


Complete Course (This course is combination of the above three modules i.e., Fundamental analysis + Technical analysis + Option Trading)


Our Flagship program which is a combination of Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis and Options Trader modules. This is our best course which covers all the courses mentioned above.

For making your career as a successful individual trader/investor you require this program in your trading arsenal.



Fees Details-
  • Fundamental analysis – 12500 Rs
  • Technical analysis + Option Trader – 15000 Rs
  • Complete Course (Fundamental analysis + Technical analysis + Option Trading) – 25000 Rs

Classes in early morning or in late evening. Monday to Friday


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