Why join us

If you want to learn a to z of stock market, then you have reached the right place. EquityWays uses the latest technologies and educational tools to make learning stock market engaging and fun. We are here to train you to start investments in a professional way and bring financial freedom to you.
Not just theory, we will show you how to practically implement the concepts by giving you access to a host of data analytics and market research tools.
Start learning the rules of stock market so that you can use it for your own well being. We believe that achieving goal of financial freedom shouldn’t be difficult and frustrating. We will enable you to reach your dreams and be financially free .
We established EquityWays in the labyrinth of stock market where learning skills has an utmost priority, to make financial literate wealthy world, to add value in life by creating wealth in different asset classes and to make an individual financially fearless.
About the trainer
I am a Certified Research analyst and Certified Investment advisor with a decade long share market investing & trading consulting experience. I hold Masters degree in Software Engineering and Masters in Business Administration.
I am in the stock market since November 2007 just before the recession of 2008. The bear run of 2008 gave me ample opportunity to learn stock market well. And since 2013, I started my career as full time professional investor and trading consultant & Trainer.
My view is to do deep research before investing our hard earned money. Opportunities are always there in the market, we just need patience and invest only after complete analysis of company’s fundamentals. We believe in buying right stock at right price and holding it for multifold returns. But most people can’t tell the difference between an undervalued stock and the one that is cheap because it is a garbage. We here at Equity Ways teach you just that!

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