Career opportunities in the stock market

A lot students I meet ask me what are the career opportunities in stock market. In this post I’ll try to answer their questions.

The stock market and financial world has a lot of career opportunities. It all depends on what is your skill set, and what you are able to offer. Below are few examples in terms of carrier opportunities-

If you are good at stock analysis and trade execution, and can sit in front of multiple monitor screens then you can be a – Trader

If you are good at reading balance sheets, crunching financial ratios and numbers, ready to scout various research papers and good with research, then you can become a – Research Analyst.

If you are really exceptional in programming (Python,R,C/C++,AFL and functional programming languages), and have a basic to intermediate understanding on the Stock markets, then you can become a – Algorithmic/HFT trader.

If you have exceptional mathematical and statistical skills and you love numbers, then you can become  – Quantitative analyst.

If you are a charts and patterns person, then Technical Analyst is the role for you.

If you are good with people skills, and can convince people to open trading accounts, and you provide support and information, then you can become either a broker/sub-broker.

If you’re already a good trader/investor, with proven records then you can manage other people’s money through Portfolio Management services, advisory, hedge funds etc.

Other roles include – Software development, Data scientist, Sales and marketing, Back office staff etc.


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