Why people are afraid of share market

During my early days of investing whenever I was about to invest in a stock, I remember things that made me feel scared. You must also worry while investing with your hard-earned money in share market, but that worry must be constructive. Constructive in the sense that it must lead you to make the right investing decisions.

Most of the investor are worried about-

  • What if this stock falls after I buy it?
  • What if that company goes bankrupt after I buy its stock?
  • What if the fund manager quits after I invest in this mutual fund?
  • What if I lose all my savings in a stock market crisis?

Stop worrying and start investing
See, I am not saying that you must go all out and invest in stocks blindly.

So you must…

  • Worry about how to find the right kind of stocks
  • Worry what will happen if your decision goes wrong (so that you know what corrective action you’d take)
  • Worry about getting emotionally attached with your investing decisions (when you are aware about your emotions, you are able to control them instead of being controlled by them)
  • Worry about falling into the trap of bad investment advice (this will lead you to ask the right questions to your investment advisor so that you’re able to identify the right one from a majority of bad ones)
  • Worry about being ignorant of how to analyze a company before investing in its stock (so that you prepare yourself to make educated decisions)

So stop worrying and equip yourself with the right knowledge, which will help you to create wealth and make you financially free.

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